PUMA x Han Kjøbenhavn - Event Recap

PUMA x Han Kjøbenhavn - Event Recap

PUMA’s latest collaboration project comes from high-end Danish brand, Han Kjøbenhavn,

The latest collection between PUMA and Danish outfitters Han Kjøbenhavn takes inspiration from the brands upbringing, local sports scene and suburban architecture. The Han Kjøbehavn label was launched in 2008 by Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and is well known for its clean take on classic wardrobe staples.

The new collection features a combination of apparel and footwear with Han Kjøbenhavn reworking an array of classic PUMA pieces. Some of the key apparel pieces include a wool trench coat influenced by football terrace/casual wear and a thick zip-up sweater inspired by cold Danish winters. There is also a collection of accessories such as a versatile backpack and a fisherman beanie. 

For footwear, Han Kjøbenhavn but their spin on PUMA’s iconic Clyde silhouette, giving the shoe an understated makeover with premium leather uppers and co-branding only visible on the outside. The Copenhagen-based label also takes on PUMA’s new Tsugi Kori silhouette, wrapping the sneaker in a plush suede and leather as well as a knitted ankle collar. The Scandinavian brand also put their spin on the Blaze of Glory boot and Blaze Cage. Working with a range of styles and silhouettes to assure there's a stand out pair for everybody. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with the brand founder Jannik at the launch event to ask him a few questions about the store and the collection:

What’s the story behind Hans Khobenhaven? 

We started out in 2008, two friends that had an idea of doing something together and bouncing ideas around at that time it was a super early stage. When you are young it’s about opportunities, the right ones. We had a good opportunity here. 

How many stores do you have?

We have three stores, but we want more. Retail is a big thing around in lots of cities and we want to maximise the potential we have, its a super difficult assignment but our aim in the future is to go local in that sense. Retail is important for us though. It’s an important experience. 

What’s the inspiration behind the collection?

How could I take a different approach to it? What I tried to do is bring it back to basics, back to my roots. More everyday apparel and take the performance away. Down to earth materials. Muted down with analogue expression. Mainly we have used vintage inspired materials. Like the coat, and the rubber soles. 70s/80s inspiration.

Favourite style from the collection?

Clyde is a super difficult assignment to work with, a classic that works already. We don’t want to ruin a classic but I think we sold it in a way that really works, and it's subtle. You can’t do too much with a style like that but it’s within the details.

Who is your targeted audience with this collection?

Teens, 20s to 40s. its a product originally, but this collection can do different things, a lot of cheque jackets with lots of details but also have some basic styles too. For me also creating this collection I didn't watch each style to be its own headline or too noisy, we have to be able to put together and actually wear a few styles/items together without it feeling too forced. It's part of the design.

You mentioned living in London for a little while..?

Worked in advertising at an agency. I like London it's a cool city, I like the UK people, soft and understated. I watch a lot of football, I’m an intense Man Utd supported. I’m into it. 

Does football inspire the collection?

Football is a big part of what we do. I probably watch 6-8 football matches a week and I’m a season ticket holder… So, its a big part of what we do. Sometimes we don’t even use it in headlines, it's subliminal, its just how we think and we decide what we do. 

Sometimes with football and the way you go to football, sometimes its not a visual, its a feeling, its a mindset, its a vibe…so it means a lot.