PUMA Jamming with Yatez | Now Available

PUMA Jamming with Yatez | Now Available

After the recent launch of PUMA's latest silhouette the Jamming, we now launch the latest colourway with help from Birmingham artist Yatez.

Puma’s newest design features a transparent midsole that is filled with small “Jamming” pebbles to provide a never-before-seen cushion system. This latest iteration comes with a black evoKNIT upper with branded tongue and heel pull tabs. The upper sits atop a forest night midsole and NRGY pebbles in the outsole. The PUMA Jamming 'Black/Forest Night' is now available online. Sizes range from UK6 - UK11 (including half sizes), priced at £145.

To help introduce this latest colourway we headed up to Birmingham to meet upcoming artist Yatez ahead of his debut live show and talk all things Local. Check out our interview with him below: 

Hi Yatez, firstly congratulations on the release of your debut album Local! For those who don’t know Yatez, can you please introduce yourself?

Appreciated it bro, yes I’m Yatez I’m a 22 year old artist from Birmingham. I combine singing and rapping over very soulful production and believe I’ve really captured my own sound. I bounce around different genres such as hip hop and grime with influences from reggae, rock and soul music. I’ve been making music for a while but only recently Just released my first serious project called ‘Local’ which is available now on all digital outlets

The album is called Local and pays a lot of homage to your hometown of Birmingham, how important was it for you to represent Birmingham on this project?

Massively, there is so much talent in Birmingham that has been going unheard for so long. Finally now though the second city is coming through strong with artists like Jorja Smith, Jacob Banks, Mist, Jaykae and more. I actually moved to London for a few years previous to dropping local and only realized when I came back that there really is no place like home so yes I definitely represent my hometown strongly.

How has the album been perceived? 18 tracks is a strong statement!

Yes, it’s had a great response. A lot of people were shocked when they heard it. I don’t think people expected the standard of the production and just the general quality of music on Local. I’m just happy to finally release music and show people what I’m capable of. My city is definitely behind me and I have noticed support from all around the country and even some over seas which is just insane to me. But yes it was definitely a strong statement and a great way to start my journey.

I know you spent some time in London whilst studying at University, how do you think the scene is different between the two cities regards to music?

It’s not a secret the London scene is definitely more established and is more recognized internationally. I do not think this is because of a difference in talent at all. The london scene is a lot more connected and work together much more than Birmingham. I believe if Birmingham came together more as a scene we could achieve great things.

From listening to the album your sound is unique, you hop in and out of singing to rapping flawlessly on tracks. Can you give us a bit more of an insight into who your inspirations are and how you really found your style?

I grew up listening to a lot of different music being from a very cultured city and growing up around the people I did. From grime, rap, reggae, rock, soul, jazz and even folk I feel you can hear a lot of different influences in my music. I I started off rapping from a young age. First over grime then rap as well. Over the years I gradually brought the singing in. I think it was my time at university that gave me the confidence I needed in my singing to become the artist I am now.

We also have you wearing the new PUMA Jamming shoe today. How are they feeling?

Genuinely one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn I love them. Definitely can get multi-use out of them as well as I feel I could rock them when I’m styling as well as in the gym. Very nice shoe.

With big brands like PUMA and their #RunTheStreets campaign, how important do you feel it is for these brands to recognise and support upcoming talent?

I think it’s just what the scene needs. There is so much talent out there that goes unheard of because it is so difficult these days to get out there and get the exposure you need. With the help of brands as big as PUMA that is going to help massively of course. I have a lot of respect for the campaign and feel PUMA are setting a great example.

I feel 2017 has been amazing for UK music and talent. Who do you think has taken the year?

There has been so many this year this is a very difficult question. If I have to say one I’d have to give it to Stormzy. The guy is just breaking down doors left right and centre and I loved his album so yes he’s got to be the man of the year for me.

Who else are you currently listening to?

Honestly, I’ve been listening to a lot of old school rap music lately but a few artists that have come to my attention recently I like are Snoh Aalegra, Gold Link and Mahalia I’d recommend them.

You are currently in the run up to your debut live performance, how does that feel? And how important was it for you to perform with a live band rather than just performing over the instrumentals?

It’s very exciting for me to perform my first headline show I cannot wait! It was definitely very important I performed with a live band rather than instrumentals because I think one of the main things that separate me from so many rappers is the fact I am a musician. The experience on the night will be one you can only see there and I feel it is very refreshing for the scene especially in Birmingham.

What can we expect from Yatez in 2018?

More music and more movements. I’m definitely here to stay so 2018 is going to be another big year for me. There will be a new project this year that’s for certain as well as live performances. More growth is my main objective this year.

Finally, where can those who don’t know Yatez. Where can they keep up with your movements?

Yes just go over to yatez.com to be directed to all my latest activity.

Instagram - @yatez

Twitter and Facebook - YatezMusic

Yatez - Local out now on all digital platforms go give that a listen.