NikeCraft x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 | Raffle Closed

NikeCraft x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 | Raffle Closed

Eclectic visionary Tom Sachs teams up with Nike to offer the updated NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe 2.0.

Originally released in 2012, the NikeCraft Mars Yard Shoe was the product of artist Tom Sachs obsession with all things space and his desire to create a shoe for one man in particular; Tommasi Rivellini. Rivellini was a mechanical engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA that was responsible for inventing the airbags used on the 1997 & 2004 Mars rovers. With the spirit of exploration in mind, Tom Sachs came up with the Mars Yard Shoe; designed for days in rugged terrain and urban environments alike. 5 years down the line, Tom Sachs has tweaked the silhouette slightly after wearing his pairs for 5 years straight and reflecting on his experiences in various situations in the sneaker.

The NikeCraft x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 sees the vectran ripstop fabric that graced the upper of the 2012 version, replaced with a breathable tricot mesh for long days on your feet. A premium suede compliments said mesh and splits up the upper. The borrowed sole from Nike Special Forces Boot has been updated with inverted tooling for better performances on wet, urban surfaces and the red tongue and heel straps that often tore out have been given an extra X-stitch for increased durability. The custom Tom Sachs box comes with an extra set of cork insoles to push the life of the Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 to it’s limits; embodying Tom Sachs ideas of using something until it’s unusable. To finish the package we see a normal Nike box customised with some of Tom Sachs thoughts & slogans and a short zine to accompany the short film Tom Sachs worked on with filmmaker Van Neistat.

The NikeCraft x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe 2.0 in-store raffle is now closed.