Footpatrol x Saucony 'Only in Soho' Shadow 6000 | INTERNATIONAL STOCKIST RELEASE

Footpatrol x Saucony 'Only in Soho' Shadow 6000 | INTERNATIONAL STOCKIST RELEASE

Read on for more information on the International stockist list for our 'Only in Soho' co-lab.

Taking inspiration from the well-established ‘entertainment’ district of Soho, a flamboyant and eclectic area famed for pornography, sex shops and peep shows, and one that our store firmly sits within, it was hard to ignore the vibrant goings on that surround us on the daily. Our Shadow 6000 is aimed to mirror these Soho streets that we have become so accustomed to. 

With high quality blue suede panels and red 3M against further black suede, we aimed to imitate the neon lights that illuminate the dark, dingy alleyways of the district, with a speckled mid sole continuing to refer to the grimy central London streets on which we reside. Dual Saucony-Footpatrol branding appears throughout, with a black insole featuring a stitched ‘Only in Soho’ insignia. We were able to create our own custom designed box featuring a blue exterior with black interior, dual branded logos featuring throughout.

The Footpatrol x Saucony 'Only in Soho' Shadow 6000 will be available at the following stockists from Saturday 16th November

Solebox | The Good Will Out | Overkill | Suppa | Titelhelden | Amen | AFEW | WOEI | Lock&Load | Seventyfive | Sneakersnstuff | Titolo | 24 Kilates | Sneakers 76 | RUNCOLORS | Mint Store | Bodega | Extra Butter | West NYC | Kith NYC | Packer Shoes | Rare Breed | Feature | BAIT

For more information on availability, please contact the stockists.