Footpatrol x PUMA TSUGI Shinsei 'Sashiko' | Sashiko Stitch

Footpatrol x PUMA TSUGI Shinsei 'Sashiko' | Sashiko Stitch



On our recent visit to Japan shooting for the upcoming Footpatrol x PUMA TSUGI Shinsei, we wanted to follow up on some of the inspiring individuals that lent their hand in the process that inspired our collaboration.

Our trip carried us from the some of the most crowded cityscapes in Tokyo to locations that were so picturesque, anyone would think they were fictional.

On our venture into Tokyo’s metropolis, we visited the village of Hinohara (western portion of Tokyo) in the central Kanto region of Japan. Our journey was to meet with a Sashiko expert by the name of Akie Ginza. Akie has been doing Sashiko works for over 40 years, and at the age of 86 her knowledge was plentiful, she let us know all she could about this traditional technique.

We met with Akie and were invited to her house to learn more about the process of Sashiko. On arrival, her Japanese farmhouse was stunning, all the wood, roofing and décor was of traditional design using natural materials, the House itself has been stood for around 200 years. 

Sashiko originated in Japans rural north and spread south along trade routes. Sashiko is a well-established technique reaching as far back as the 1600’s Edo period. Sashiko is a form of reinforced stitching that was used to mend and extend the life of fabrics, winterize clothing and embellish everyday items. The word Sashiko means ‘Little Stabs”, a reference to the plain running stitch that makes up the often geometric, all over patterns. Although the technique was focused around longevity of fabrics there was a degree of ingenuity and individuality which turned this technical process into an equally impressive art-form.

Stay tuned for a further look at the upcoming Footpatrol x PUMA TSUGI Shinsei collaboration...!