Footpatrol x Mr. Phomer 'Communi T' | Now Available

Footpatrol x Mr. Phomer 'Communi T' | Now Available

Introducing the Communi T project, a product of it’s environment.

Footpatrol has always been an integral part of the London sneaker scene. In both of our locations, we’ve found ourselves in the centre of many different intersecting cultures. People passing through both storefronts over the 15 years we’ve been doing this has resulted in us making friendships and relationships with artists, collectors, stylists, musicians and designers; something we find very special.

With a shared common interest of sneakers and streetwear we decided to reach out and bring our friends together on a creative project. For Footpatrol the Communi T project is a chance to celebrate the diversity of skill and talent that we come across in our day to day existence as a storefront and a brand. It’s our responsibility to give our peers a platform to express their creativity.

We felt the humble t-shirt was the best platform for this expression, nothing new, nothing complicated but almost always necessary and an integral part of the culture we thrive in. The t-shirt has always been a vessel for self expression, with millions of options available at any given time, we feel it’s the true foundation of the exceptional world we find ourselves in.

Mr. Phomer is a Lisbon born freelance creative that likes to keep himself as busy as possible. With deep roots in both skateboarding and graffiti, Mr. Phomer currently resides in London and often refers to his days as a teenager writing graffiti and having fun with his crew in his day-to-day work. This gives his work a particular style that sees that playful teenager butting heads with a serious, talented graphic designer. This balance is something that truly gives Mr Phomer his unique style.

For the Communi T project, Mr Phomer took our ‘Runnin’ Tings’ slogan and applied his aforementioned playful meets serious style, resulting in an interesting mix of typography and illustration. We invited Mr. Phomer to answer a few questions on his life, career, influences and interests. Check it out below:

For those who dont know, tell us who you are and what you do?

Hey, Mr Phomer here, aka The connoisseur of all things cool, aka Mr Bomber, aka Duck Daddy, aka The Life Plug, aka P Stacks, aka The Problem Solver, aka Invert Bounty Bar, aka Justin Case.

Lisbon born, London based, Worldwide creative gun for hire.


So, have you been illustrating from young, or was it something you stumbled across later in life?

Yeah, when I was a kid my mom gave me some crayons and next thing she knew I was already getting up over the walls. Couple years ago, I went back to Lisbon and remember finding a box full of silly cartoons and bootleg logos and small homemade zines I did when I was like in 4th grade, before I even knew all that was a thing 20 years later.

In 95/96, me and the boys back home started a graffiti crew and hit any walls we could, I started making tees for us and all this before art school, so I guess it’s been all my life, guess that’s just what I do.

Describe your design style in three words?

Instant Classic Crack.

Would you say your surroundings has influence on your work? If yes, can you tell us what

about the city influences your work?

Yes, it’s all about it! I did graffiti and then moved on to art, doing paintings, installations, then to illustration, photography and now clothing. All of it, is always about my surroundings. The city is the main source of inspiration, even though sometimes subtle I always have some comment or reflection of the life I live or see.

I have a lot of interest in social matters and even though I don’t write “Save this or that” it’s very present throughout the years and I’m blessed to have a lot of people that tell me that they get it, that’s a job done there.

On the other hand, I also have a big eye for the lust side of life, and maybe that’s more evident because visually it’s easier to absorb, but all together it’s all about all our daily mundane lives, I find it fascinating. Just go outside sit for a minute. Even using social media for it, (sorry all those random people added, friends of friends, I like having a diverse feed to look at even if I dont know you lol). Look at all the people walking around from all races, religions, statuses, all walks of life, just like a giant pile of ants trying to get by but each with its own story, for me, more than the visual/ architecture side of the city, that’s the most fascinating and an endless supply of inspiration.

Are there any illustrator/artists you look up to?

Yeah, definitely, and I’m lucky to have friends here in London and all over the world making it big and being a big inspiration, from music to photo to all arts, I do really appreciate them and they keep me going more than I tend to express or they know. Big love to all them!

Do you have a favourite colour?

I think maybe black... it’s evidently a big part of my work.

How many designs/illustrations did you come up with before sticking with the final piece we see on the tee?

Well you guys know this one, we had a few and already a chosen winner and I wanted to swap it last minute ah! When I get into it I always over deliver. I usually get carried away and ideas just keep flowing, problem is they’re all too damn good ah.

Random question, what are your top three albums to listen to ever?

Damn, that’s a hard one, I used to produce and DJ (yes that too lol) as well as collecting records, digging crates and obscure deep interweb corners for some deep under weird stuff, so I totally geek on music. If I have to name 3 for the sake of it, at the moment (can change next week) 3 anytime classics:

  • Nas - Illmatic
  • Pink Floyd - The Wall (relevant!)
  • Beastie Boys - Check your head

Whats next for Mr Phomer?

Lots of good things coming, been blessed to be doing what I love with nice people and brands, and the drops keep coming every week and month. Every 2 years or so I like to stir things up and start something new or go back to what I did before with a new take, the time is coming so let’s see.

Stay tuned!

Any last words?

Write on my tombstone “Told Ya”

Big Up To Footpatrol and all the LDN family for always making me feel home, Blessed

More love and unity to all <3 

Release Information

The Footpatrol x Mr Phomer ‘Communi T’ is due to launch in-store and online on Saturday 5th August (available online from 8:00AM BST). Sizes range from S - XXL, priced at £25.

All orders will come with a limited edition Mr Phomer Tote Bag & Poster. Available whilst stocks last.

For more information on in-store stoctk availability please call the store on 020 7287 8094.